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The Super Angel Juicer has four versions in the US– And Also, Pro, Deluxe, and Costs Deluxe. If you remain in the UK, that’s three– 5500, 7500, as well as 8500 S.

Angel Juicer, as they call it, is the Rolls-Royce of the juicing world. It’s a premium juicer from top to bottom. The body, extractor real estate, and also its equipments are constructed from food-grade metal. If you intend to take points additionally, you can also upgrade those parts to surgical-grade stainless steel.

If you do not intend to pollute your juice with plastic, then you could want to consider obtaining a Super Angel Juicer.

Let’s take a look at each version.

super angel juicer review

Super Angel Pro/ Angel Juicer 7500

Super Angel Pro or the Angel 7500 is the second most conservative as well as the second least expensive of the 4 options. It corresponds the Super Angel Plus but the automated reverse system. The body, removing housing, and also both equipments are made of excellent quality (304) food grade stainless-steel. It doesn’t come with a free of charge soft fruit accessory. However, you can constantly get it as an upgrade in the future.


Each juicer is made by hand by Oriental professionals Angel Co Ltd. Developed in 1982, this firm has been making individuals delighted by producing wonderful cooking area units since.
The maker provides you a 3-year service warranty.
The juicer is made from top quality medical steel. Because of this, the Angel Juicer is barely revealed to the wear-and-tear sort of damages, as well as the last juice is not oxidized and also preferences great.
The one-piece cupboard is the major advantage of this kitchen area system. It does not obtain dusty and also unclean, which assures a long life time.
Super Angel Juicer generates juice better than a normal juicer. In many cases, up to 300%.
The unit is very easy to tidy. It will certainly take around 30 seconds to clean your hands– put a little water into the feed opening. You can dismantle the juicer and put it in the dishwashing machine.
Great deals of power.


It does not function extremely well with soft vegetables and fruit like grapes as well as oranges. One still needs the soft removal housing which is just complimentary with the luxurious design.
The feeding tube is rather little compared to other versions making it slower.
The juicer is tough to tidy in spite of including the tools to do so.

Super Angel Plus/ Angel Juicer 5500

Super Angel And Also or the Angel Juicer 5500 is probably the cheapest offer you’ll jump on an all-stainless steel juicing device. One significant function of this model is the hand-operated reverse button. The various other 3 designs included an automatic anti-jamming system. Nonetheless, some clients located the system slow-moving, which prompted the firm to revitalize the reverse button.


High yielding
Highly reliable in drawing out juice from anything (foods as well as beverages).
Generate the driest pulp ever.
Easy to put together.
Easy to use.
Easy to tidy up.
Stainless-steel makes sure longevity and health.
Merely fantastic device forever.


High cost.
Absent of barrier in between 2 gears.
Slim feeding chute, eat even more time to prepare juice.
Weighty (30 extra pounds), hard to relocate.
Provided glass receptacles are not useful.

Super Angel Costs Deluxe/ Angel Juicer 8500 S.

Though Super Angel Premium Deluxe or the Angel 8500 S is one of the most costly amongst the four, the soft fruit accessory is not consisted of in the package. What made this so pricey is the medical quality stainless-steel made use of in the twin gear and also drawing out real estate. Surgical grade stainless steel is not prone to mineral build-up that makes cleaning up a lot less complicated.


The Super Angel Premium DELUXE Juicer looks good. Huge (however won’t dominate my entire kitchen counter), vibrant, stainless-steel, has a don’t- mess-with-me-just-get-on-with-it vibe. Juice away!

Affordable in the long run. If you juice several times a day and/or acquire natural juices each day, you will make you money back within months. (I do not yet but I plan to begin.).

It MASTICATES (as opposed to rotating) my vegetables and fruits to the uniformity of my choosing. I have not made a decision where I stand on pulp, yet it can be utilized for something else, thrown out, or composted.

It’s not just for juice. The Angel Juicer 5500 includes a cookbook with recipes I never ever would certainly have dreamed of from a juicer. The dishes alone could be reason enough to acquire the Angel 5500 Juicer.

It has a 10-year guarantee. I figure if I do not still like it in ten years or if I’m ready for an upgrade, there will be a more recent version of the Angel Masticating Juicer.


I’m nervous about the first cost. It’s greater than my lease. Seriously? That’s a great deal to spend for juice. That being stated, I do think it could pay for itself for someone that is a serious juicer (which could be me one of these days).

Super Angel Deluxe.

Super Angel Deluxe is without a doubt the most effective deal out of these four options as it already includes a food-grade stainless-steel soft fruit add-on for handling soft fruits or making puree.

It’s fairly comparable to Super Angel Pro in terms of the steel used in the extracting real estate, twin gears, and also the body. You’ll save a few bucks with this alternative than acquiring the soft fruit accessory separately.


Automatic cooling– so it does not overheat, the Super Angel Deluxe has integrated thermal sensors & “clever” cooling system.
Automatic reverse– Should food come to be obstructed, the Super Angel will certainly try to iron out the jam and carry on pressing.
High-Grade Stainless-steel– Superior top quality.304 18-8 Quality Stainless-steel to ensure your juice is not contaminated with any type of toxic substances.
Powerful Electric Motor– Powered by a 3HP electric motor for controlled low-speed procedure protecting against extreme foam.
Twin Gears– The Super Angel Deluxe has 2 augers which work together to masticate your food.
Super Angel DELUXE, Double equipments, Juicer Website, Stainless Steel, Chomping Juicer3-stage Triturating Augers– Splash-free operation of the auger and runs to chomp in 3 stages, from broad to slim extracting as much return as feasible.
Easy Cleansing– The Super Angel take apart as well as puts together with loved one convenience as well as since all the components are stainless steel they are easily cleansed and also prepared to go again.
Huge Guarantee– Along with the Omega, the Super Angel Deluxe is confident in its brand name and materials and also provides a big 10 guarantee. 10 years on components as well as 5 years on damage. Now that is confidence!
No plastic– no toxins or develop of microorganisms in hard to reach places from the Super Angel. There is a tiny plastic seal at the electric motor end, but this does not truly enter into contact with your juice and actually is to secure the electric motor from fluid damage.
High Yield– Extremely little waste after juicing has been done, and should you still not enjoy, put your pulp with again momentarily return.


Cleaning this equipment can be tiresome.
There are accumulations when utilizing this extremely angel juicer as well as you may need to give it time in between juicing for smooth operating.

Angel Juicer Qualities.

Is it Easy to Use?

The main concern with Super Angel Juicers is its slim chute. It’s the smallest in the slow-moving juicer market with a size of just 1.2 inches. If you do not cut your produce little sufficient, it can get jammed.

The Super Angel And Also or the Angel 5500 features a hand-operated reverse switch. If you opt for this model, you need to watch out for jams.

The remaining designs have an automatic anti-jamming system. As long as you dice your generate small sufficient, this problem can be stayed clear of.

That tiny trait makes it a little challenging to run, however ultimately, it’s the high quality of the juice that matters.

Is the Angel Juicer Easy to Clean?

Unlike various other juice makers, this doesn’t have massive components to clean up so cleaning up can be a wind. All removable elements can go into your dishwashing machine. One of the most tough part to clean up though is the display real estate but you can always utilize your premium cleaning brush included in the package to scrub hard to reach angles. According to some users, you should not leave the juicer unwashed or else you’ll need to manage run out residue which is harder to remove.

Juice Top quality.

Juice return and also juice quality are the utmost selling point of this juicer. There’s definitely no question regarding that. All components that are available in contact with your juice are high quality stainless-steel, without any type of plastic toxins. Its twin equipments with a hairline space make it possible to produce even more juice than any other juice extractors. Revolving at 82 RPM, this juicer is perfectly sluggish to lessen oxidation or failure of nutrients. Last but not the least, it has a built-in air conditioning system to keep your juice fresh all the time.

As a result of this technology, juice drawn out by Super Angel juicers are significantly richer in color and also preferences much better. And also, the life span of the newly pushed juice can last up to 72 hrs.

What Kinds of Create Can it Juice?

This juicing device can refine any kind of type of produce such as soft fruits, thick veggies, citruses, eco-friendly leafy vegetables, soy beans, and almond nuts.

Hard fruit and vegetables such as pear, yakon, ginger, asparagus, bitter gourd, garlic, coconut, beets, pineapple, cucumber, celery, fennel, cauliflower, carrots, cilantro, apple, pleasant potato, pumpkin, watermelon, pepper, turmeric, and broccoli.

Citrus fruits like tangerine lime, chinese, orange, pomegranate, grapefruit, and lemon.

Dandelion environment-friendlies, collard environment-friendlies, spinach, parsley, peppermint, wheatgrass, beetroot environment-friendlies, moringa, romaine lettuce, basil, spring onion, lettuce, brussels grow, cabbage, pine tree needles, and kale are a few of the leafy greens that it can process.

Nuts as well as beans can be turned into milk utilizing this electrical juicer provided that you’ll adhere to the instructions in your product guidebook.

Soft fruits including papaya, kiwifruit, strawberry, peach, tomato, blackberry, grapes, cranberries, mango, melon, as well as avocado can be become a puree if your design consists of a soft fruit add-on.


Super Angel Juicer Accessories.

1. Extracting Display Real Estate for Soft Fruits, 2. Grinding Real Estate for Nut Butters.
These add-ons can transform your Super Angel Juicer right into a grinder and also puree maker. The problem is you’ll need to acquire it independently if it’s not included in the design you selected.

The soft fruits accessory is similar to the conventional display real estate except that it has small openings to allow small amounts of pulp in the juice making it possible to create puree with soft fruits as I mentioned above.

The blank or the grinding real estate can aid you make tofu, nut butter, and also frozen fruit sorbet. The common display real estate will likewise work however just for refining small quantities.


The Super Angel Juicer is undoubtedly the Rolls Royce of juicing. It has all the bells as well as whistles that you will not get from various other juicers. No plastic components can be found in contact with your produce, so you’re risk-free with any unsafe chemicals such as Bisphenol A (BPA) as well as other tough to articulate chemicals.

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