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Portable Blender - Mini Blender
  • Life is constantly growing, we want a comfortable and compact but ensuring quality. After a hard-working day, we need food to provide energy for the body. If you feel tired and can’t cook, then fast food is one of the popular choices but only ensures fast and convenient.
  • If you eat fast food too much, it is not good for health that can cause obesity and cardiovascular diseases. You want a meal that is nutritious, fast and convenience. Besides that, It also has to be healthy,  we suggest to you, this is a smoothie.
  • A cup of smoothie is not only beautiful, delicious but also extremely good for health. Each fruit has its own effect. For example, bananas are rich in vitamin B6 and minerals that help you get rid of stress and anxiety. Kiwi is rich in vitamin C, fiber, potassium, phytonutrients, vitamins, and minerals with very good healing effects. And more fruits
  • In addition, Smoothie protects the body from many diseases and also helps to heal damaged cells. Especially, avocado is the most nutritious fruit, very effective for women’s beauty. The blender makes good cups of smoothie is extremely fast, easy and economical. You only need to drink every day and continuously for a month, you will see the difference.
  • Another is fresh fruit and vegetable juice. It has a rapid rehydration effect, replenishing the content of polyphenols which is an essential antioxidant, increasing resistance and anti-fatigue. In addition, fresh juice provides the body with co-enzymes to nourish and help shape healthy cells. To get the living enzymes that help build healthy cells, we try to drink juice two or three times a day.
  • You need to buy a juice blender for the family but now on the market, there are many different models and features, It makes you confused.  So, the below article will provide  you more tips to help you have the best choice when you buy it

Pros  and  Cons of blender

  • On the market today, the blender is divided into 2 types: portable juice blender and hand juice blender.

Portable juice blender


  • In addition, to making smoothies, grinding fruits and vegetables, the product also integrates many other functions such as egg whisk, squeezed orange juice, grind the nuts, etc….
  • Coming with the blender are many specialized accessories including a stand and two mills Dry mill is used to grind seeds, fresh food such as fish, meat, etc… And wet mill for grinding blender, vegetables, orange juice, etc…
  • The price of portable juice blenders is quite a diversity that ranging from low to high. Depending on your needs, you should choose the device which suits your budget.


  • It takes up a lot of kitchen space when using because of the many bundled accessories.
  • Wasting time cleaning products after each use.
  • The product is only for use when you need to grind more food at the same time.

Hand juice blender.


  • It has a compact hand design, does not take up a lot of kitchen space when in use. Easily move from one location to another.
  • Don’t require to use it with the mills. You can put food into your cup, bowl, glass and use a blender to mix.
  • Users can adjust the fineness of the food as they want.
  • Easy to clean the product after use.


  • Because of the hand design and no stand, the product is recommended not to use for people with weak hand forces and uncertain grip. When the device is in operation, the vibration of the device may cause hand fatigue, resulting in the device dropping.
  • Both blenders have similar prices and longevity so that depending on your needs, you can choose to buy a portable juice blender or a hand juice blender. With useful information about the pros – cons that we have provided, it hopes to help you understand and choose for yourself a product like that.
  • To make the choice that suits your needs and make the best purchase decision. We have listed some types of the blender from different manufacturers to make it easier for you to choose:

The Best Portable Blenders for Juicing of 2020

1-KitchenAid KSB8270CA Pro Line Series Thermal Control Jar Blender, 3.5 HP

KitchenAid KSB8270CA Pro Line Series Thermal Control Jar Blender, 3.5 HP, Candy Apple Red
  • The Kitchenaid Pro Line Series Blender is the ultimate tool for making healthy, nutritious eating easy. The Pro Line Series blender’s powerful 3.5 Peak HP** motor and patented asymmetric blade provide the most blending power of leading competitors.
  • Symmetric stainless steel blade blends at four different angles to pull ingredients into the blending vortex for smooth, consistent results. This allows for blending large and tough ingredients, like whole fruits and vegetables.

  • With powerful 3.5 Peak HP** motor and patented asymmetric blade.
  • It has symmetric stainless steel blade blends at four different angles to pull ingredients into the blending vortex for smooth, consistent results.
  • With exclusive thermal control jar to blend and heat soup in only five minutes, retains hot temperature longer.
  • It has exclusive thermal control jar to blend and heat soup in only five minutes, retains hot temperature longer. Includes a self-cleaning cycle.
  • With precision power dial offers continuous variable speed from 1-11, for complete control from low to high speeds and Pulse and Boost functions.
  • It has unique flex-edge tamper assists with large quantities or ultra-thick blends.
  • It comes with the Flex Edge tamper pushes ingredients into the blending vortex and scrapes the sides of the jar so everything is blended evenly. There’s less waste.
  • With a durable die-cast metal base, dial and switches are built for stability and long-lasting performance. It easy to clean.
  • It has dishwasher-safe BPA-free thermal control jar with 87 oz capacity (56 oz marked capacity)
  • It comes with the jar, blades, lid and removable handle grip are all dishwasher safe.

Some technical information

  • Dimensions: 9.1 x 10.5 x 17.7 inches
  • Weight: 27 pounds

2-KitchenAid KSB4027BM K400 Countertop Blender, 56 Ounce

KitchenAid KSB4027BM K400 Countertop Blender, 56 Ounce, Matte Black
  • Unique asymmetric blade that blends at four distinct angles to pull contents into the blade. Working with the 1. 5 peak HP motor*, the blade creates a powerful blending vortex to power through the toughest ingredients. *Laboratory Measurement of peak horsepower output of motor.
  • 3 preset recipe programs: ice crush, icy drinks & smoothie and 5-speed variable speed dial

  • Unique asymmetric blade that blends at four distinct angles to pull contents into the blade and working with the 1. 5 peak HP motor.
  • It has 3 preset recipe programs: ice crush, icy drinks & smoothie and 5-speed variable speed dial.
  • Soft-start feature starts the motor at a slower speed to pull food into the blade, then quickly increases to the selected speed setting to avoid splatter.
  • It comes with Intelli-speed motor control senses contents and maintains the optimal speed to power through all ingredients.

Some technical information

  • Dimensions: 9.02 x 7.59 x 15.8 inches
  • Weight: 12 lbs

3-Portable Blender, Smoothie Blender

  • It builds in rechargeable lithium batteries with a big capacity. The below port is for charging the blender, can be charged by power bank, pc or USB devices.
  • It can also function as a charger when your phone needs to be charged with the digital displayer.
  • It comes with 6 ultra-sharp blades, can pulverize fruits and vegetables, and crushes the ice easily.
  • With 15 oz maximum capacity of the cup, the max level of the cup is 13.5 oz, this compact USB smoothie blender is ideal for the office, gym, traveling.
  • It easy to use and safety. Rotating the bottle tightly into the base. Press the On-Off button and hold for 3s. It won’t work when the bottle is separated

Some technical information

  • Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 9.8inches
  • Weight: 2.15 pounds

4-Portable Blender, TOPQSC Smoothie Blender

Portable Blender Glass, TOPQSC USB Rechargeable 5200mAh Personal Blender 15oz for Shakes with 2 Lids, Smoothies and Baby Food with Travel
  • Powerful Smoothie Blender - Equipped with upgraded 7.4V dual power motor (16500rmp/min) enables blender to retrain all nutrients in more rich smoothie within 10s. 5200mAh rechargeable super long-lasting battery can be fully charged within 3~5 hours, supporting 18~20 cups of drinks with one full charge.
  • Durable & Environmental Material: HIGH BOROSILICATE GLASS to-go cup material is more durable, heat-resistant and stronger than normal glass and plastic, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Perfectly applied for making juice, smoothies, shakes, etc.

  • With 7.4V dual power motor enables the blender to retrain all nutrients with 16500rmp/min quickly. And the 5200mAh super long-lasting battery supports 10-15 cups of drink with one full charge.
  • It has an On/Pulse button, the portable blender allows you to make great smoothies, baby formula, marinades, salad dressing.
  • It has FDA, CE, RoHS CERTIFIED. BPA FREE. HIGH BOROSILICATE GLASS to-go cup is more durable, heat-resistant and stronger than normal glass and plastic.
  • With 15oz, compact to fit gym bag and most car cup holders. Battery Rechargeable, no plug problems anymore.
  • It comes with removable and the battery base is waterproof, it is extremely easy to wash with water. 3 months no-reason money back & 2 years warrant/

Some technical information

  • Dimensions: 9.4 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches
  • Weight: 1.6 pounds

5-Immersion Hand Blender, Utalent 5-in-1 8-Speed Stick Blender

Immersion Hand Blender, Utalent 5-in-1 8-Speed Stick Blender with 500ml Food Grinder, BPA-Free, 600ml Container,Milk Frother,Egg Whisk ,Puree Infant Food, Smoothies, Sauces and Soups - White
  • EASY TO CLEAN & SAFE. Detachable attachments are easier to clean, chemical free with ETL, dishwasher safe and BPA free.
  • MILK FROTHER ATTACHMENT: Portable hand-held milk frother makes milk foam for your coffee.

  • With detachable attachments are easier to clean, chemical-free with ETL, FDA Certificate, dishwasher safe and BPA free.
  • Its portable hand-held milk frother makes milk foam for your coffee.
  • It comes with 250 Watt powerful hand blender with 8 – speed + turbo for milkshakes, soups or baby food. Low noise and shake.
  • It has a thick stainless steel mixing wand with 4 – blade system. Make food mixing more efficient, evenly and smoothly.
  • It has mixing wand, milk frother, 500ml Food Chopper, 600ml Beaker, Egg Whisk with a 2-year warranty.

Some technical information

  • Dimensions: 2.4 x 2.4 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 1.66 pounds

6- KitchenAid KHB1231BY 2-Speed Hand Blender

KitchenAid KHB1231BY 2-Speed Hand Blender, Boysenberry
  • The Removable 8" Blending Arm with Fixed Blade locks into the motor body for easy operation.
  • The stainless steel S-shaped fixed blade quickly blends ingredients for smoothies, milk shakes, soups or baby food.

  • With the Removable 8″ Blending Arm with Fixed Blade locks into the motor body for easy operation.
  • It comes with the stainless steel S-shaped fixed blade quickly blends ingredients for smoothies, milkshakes, soups or baby food.
  • It has a soft grip handle that offers a non-slip and comfortable grip when continuously blending ingredients.
  • The 3-Cup BPA-Free Blending Jar with Lid is convenient for individual blending jobs, to serve or store for later. The top-rack dishwasher is safe.
  • Coming with 2-Speed Settings. Easy to use

Some technical information

  • Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 2 pounds

7-[Updated 2020 Version] Personal Countertop Blender for Milkshake

[Updated 2020 Version] Personal Countertop Blender for Milkshake, Fruit Vegetables Drinks, Smoothie, Small Mini Portable Food Blenders Processor Shake Mixer Maker with with 1 * 400ML Travel Cup
  • ✅One Step to a Fresh Life: It is easy and fast to get juicing. Just load your ingredients into the cup. Press or let go the bin to switch the juicer on or off. With the all sided design,the cup can be placed perfectly without being examined and directed on the mixer. You can enjoy juice,milk shake,puree,fruit and vegetable drinks,complementary food and more immediately.
  • ✅Easily Carried Double Duty Cup: Made of the material tritan normally used in infant items,the cup is safe to use. With the silica gel seal rings inside and the cover outside,the fitting lid is designed to be double deck leak and dust proof. Therefore the cup can be stored in a bag or purse without spilling. A slag remover is also included. After juicing,put the remover on the brim of the cup,you can enjoy a perfect glass of juice because the juice froth will have been effectively removed.

  • Stronger and Smoother: the powerful motor together with four stainless steel mixing blades can make smoother juice and crushed ice. With the special three dimensional structure,the machine performance is highly improved so tastier and smoother juice can be made.
  • Easy Cleaning And Fast Cooling: It is convenient and efficient to clean the cup in a way of juicing.The cup is removable and will be clean enough after being flushed. The power base is suspended to achieve fast cooling and convenient moving.The gap there can also be used to place wires.
  • AMERICAN GUARANTEE : We have strict quality control system, our products are put into the market after rigorous testing.
  • Dimensions: 8 x 7 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 2.35 pounds

8-OYeet GoPower Blender 1000W iF Design Award

  • Thick Smoothie Blender: Featured with Vortex Blending System, the blender can easily make thick smoothies , green smoothies , breakfast shakes , protein shakes and keto shakes. Effortlessly pulverizes ice and frozen fruits, vegetables, superfoods, seeds , etc.
  • Convenient and Safe: The sport bottle and lid are just rinse with running water and made of BPA-free Eastman Tritan.Thickened bottle is safe to use and with no breaking risks. Wrapped by BPA free silicon sleeve that allows you bring the bottle to any outdoor activities. Just one-touch to open the lid, free your hands for hiking, driving, biking or any indoor workouts.
  • Engineered to Last: FDA, ETL, CE, LFGB certificated. The essential of long motor life is preventing it from overheating. OYeet GoPower has the advanced structure that ensures perfect airflow circulation around the motor and keeps the blender durable for years. 180 days money back guarantee and 2 Years Warranty are included.
  • Dimensions: 10.75 x 9.5 x 6.25 inches
  • Weight: 4.89 pounds

9-Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle

Epica Personal Blender with Take-Along Bottle
  • BLEND HEALTHY SMOOTHIES TO GO: No need to give in to temptation while you’re out on the road - simply mix up a delicious fruit or veggie smoothie or protein drink at home and take it with you.
  • MAKES IT EASY TO STICK TO YOUR HEALTH AND DIET GOALS: The convenient 20 ounce to-go mug comes with a sealable lid so you don't have to worry about your drink spilling in your bag or your car.

  • POWERFUL MOTOR AND HEAVY DUTY STAINLESS STEEL BLADES: 300 watts and 23,000 RPM ensures anything you put in your mini-blender gets pulverized – make your own purees, soups, cocktails, dips and sauces
  • BREAK RESISTANT BPA-FREE MIXER JAR: One-touch beverage blending. Lightweight bottle fits most car cup holders, resists cold and heat from -40° to 112°F. Easy care, completely dishwasher safe.
  • 100% RISK-FREE 2-YEAR WARRANTY: The Epica Blender is built to last, but if you don’t absolutely love it, you’re covered for 2 full years. Goes with you to the gym or on your commute.
  • Dimensions: 5.00 x 4.20 x 14.00 inches
  • Weight: 3.39 pounds

10-ModernComfort Cordless Home BlenderX 

BlenderX CORDLESS HOME, PORTABLE & TRAVEL Blender | Xtra Power, Xtra Blends, Xtra Convenience | Xperience the Difference | Cocktails, Smoothies, Shakes & More | By ModernComfort
  • SUPERIOR PORTABLE POWER vs USB blenders: (i) the ONLY PORTABLE BLENDER THAT CRUSHES & BLENDS STANDARD ICE CUBES and chunks of dry & frozen fruit & vegetables, (ii) 6X MORE POWERFUL than most USB blenders (iii) LONGER LASTING single charge BATTERY LIFE for more blends & greater convenience, (iv) patent pending
  • WINNER BEST PORTABLE BLENDER 2020 BY CUISINEBANK: (i) doubles as HOME & OUTDOOR BLENDER, (ii) takes up less counter space & easy to store, (iii) no outlet needed, (iv) MUCH EASIER TO CLEAN

  • IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES: (i) outdoor barbecue, camping, tailgating, home bar, pool, beach, boating, picnic (ii) slushies & milkshakes for the kids, (iii) frozen drinks, (iv) serve healthy smoothies & shakes, (v) blend your own baby food at home or on the go…
  • PREMIUM WATER RESISTANT BAG FOR TRAVEL & STORAGE: (i) stylish, (ii) shoulder strap for easy carrying, (iii) extra storage space
  • WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: (i) 20 OZ BPA free TRITAN PLASTIC JAR w/ convenient measurements & easy on-the-go travel lid, makes MULTIPLE DRINKS PER BLEND, (ii) STAINLESS STEEL MOTOR BASE w/ non slip rubber feet, (iii) powerful FOOD GRADE stainless steel BLADES, (iv) SAFETY & WARRANTY: ETL CERTIFIED meeting stringent safety standards. 2 year manufacturing defect warranty included on all components
  • Dimensions: 10.87 x 10.39 x 7.56 inches
  • Weight: 4.62 pounds
  • The blender makes your life effort easier and more convenient in making a smoothie.
  • It has become an indispensable household product in the kitchen of many families.
  • With the evolution and popular demand.
  • So we provide information about blender to give you more knowledge to make the perfect choice for which one to buy.

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