Mini Blenders
  • A mini blender can be handy for preparing some fruit juice, cocktails, soups or smoothies, both at home and on the go. In order to help you make a good investment, our buying guide will detail several important criteria to consider, namely power, sound level, mixing efficiency, ergonomics and ease of cleaning.
  • If too much detail is confusing you even more, we recommend the Hamilton Beach Mini Blender. . With a power of 350W, its resistant plastic bowl has a capacity of 0.6 L. It is accompanied by a gourd and is provided with a removable knife for easy cleaning.
  • The Russell Hobbs 23180-56is also one of the most successful mini blenders. It has a brushed stainless steel base of 700 W and includes 15 accessories, 1 set of 6 steel blades, 3 large bowls of 700 ml and 2 small bowls of 350 ml.

How to choose a good mini blender?

  • The mini-blender is a simple and easy-to-use household appliance that does not take up space. He can mix cocktails, serve as stack ice cubes, prepare soups and purées and even more liquid preparations.
  • Faced with the many models of mini-blender on the market, we have established a buying guide for the best mini-blenders to help you get the answer to the question how to buy a mini-blender of a better quality- price.

Purchase guide

The power of the device

  • Do not trust his name. Even if it is a mini-blender, it is always important to consider the power of its engine. It is this power that will allow your mini blender to work properly. To do this, our advice directs you to buy a mini-blender with at least a power of 140W.
  • This is the minimum power needed to mix and pound without too much effort ingredients such as fruits and vegetables. It must be made sure not to overheat the device to pre-cut the ingredients because the mini blender does not have the same strength as the blenders.
  • To mix a large amount or to crush hard enough ingredients (ice cream, nuts, dried fruits, meat …), it will without hesitation to choose mini blenders with powers between 100W.
  • Regardless of engine power, be sure to have one or two different speeds on the machine and / or the Pulse function that allows you to accelerate or reduce the speed of rotation of the blades according to your preparation.

The pitcher

  • The pitcher or bowl you use to dispose your ingredients comes in two types on the market: glass and plastic. For your price comparison needs, be aware that the glass pitcher is always more expensive (and heavier too) than the plastic pitcher. However, it allows you to directly prepare hot ingredients such as soups. It also has the advantage of not keeping odors.
  • The plastic pitcher is less lightweight but is able to withstand shocks. Another criterion to consider for the pitcher of the mini-blender is also its capacity. Even if it is a mini-blender, the ideal is always to have a greater capacity in order to be able to realize a greater quantity of preparations. From 100ml to 500ml, choose according to the use you make of it.

The 6 Best Mini-Blenders of 2020

  • The mini-blender saves you time in the kitchen and allows you to prepare more recipes. It is designed to mix, mix, grate or mash your different foods. Thus, we invite you to follow our buying guide and to find on our comparative the mini-blender answering your requirements.

Recommended products:

1-Hamilton Beach Mini Blender

Hamilton Beach Personal Blender for Shakes and Smoothies with 14oz Travel Cup and Lid, Black (51101AV)
  • Compact design and BPA free: Great for home, office and travel with on the go portability
  • Blend and go: Blend and drink from the 14 ounce jar and lid which are both dishwasher safe


  • To make a milkshake, a smoothie or a sauce, this model proposed by Philips is very practical thanks to its high power. With a 350 W engine, it can mix and mix all your ingredients quickly.
  • The downside is that you have to pay attention to hard foods. By putting ice cubes, carrots or other ingredients that are too strong, the mixer may be damaged.

Verdict : 9.9/10

  • This Philips mini blender deserves a rating of 9.9 out of 10 for its performance, practicality and ease of use. To lengthen its life, make sure you choose your ingredients.

Main Explained Characteristics

  • A blender combining freshness, pleasure and speed
  • If you want to prepare smoothies, juices, milkshakes, cocktails, the equipment you will need is the mini blenders. The HR2872 / 00 model from the Philips brand is a must-have accessory in your kitchen. Equipped with a powerful 350 Watts motor, this unit can do all your preparations in just a few seconds.
  • In two steps, you'll get a delicious drink by just pressing the Pulse button. Even better, this device has a 600 ml "On The Go" bottle. By the way, you can put it in your bag and take it wherever you go. He can accompany you to the office, gym, shopping, etc. In short, by opting for this small mixer, you can savor your drink wherever you are, and this, no matter the time

A handy mixer

  • This Philips mixer will seduce you with its minimalist form. Indeed, it measures 29 cm long, 23 cm wide and 13.5 cm high. Thanks to its small size, it does not occupy much space in your kitchen. If your room is narrow enough, this unit is what you need. You can put it away in your small cupboards. Its container also has spout.
  • This allows you to avoid spilling your drink when transferring it to a glass or gourd.
  • This unit is also equipped with a cord storage. This allows you to keep your kitchen neat and clean. It is also a very robust mixer. Indeed, the container is made of reinforced plastic. It is therefore resistant and you can use it for years.

Very stylish and easy to maintain

  • This mixer model from the famous Philips brand has an optimized shape. Placed in your kitchen, he knows how to be very discreet. Available in red and white, its color blends perfectly with the decorations of your kitchen. It can, moreover, help to put this piece in value, and that, whatever your theme. Unlike other blenders that can only be washed by hand, this unit is dishwasher safe.
  • After preparing your drinks, you just have to put it in your machine. Note that for efficient and fast cleaning, you can disassemble each item. Also know that even his blade is removable. Without any risk of damaging your blender and your dishwasher, you can make cleaning easier and more convenient. So, if you are looking for a device that is robust, easy to use and practical, the HR2872 / 00 is recommended.

2-SharkNinja Nutri Ninja Pro Personal Blender (BL456)

Ninja Nutri Pro Compact Personal Blender, with 18 Oz. and 24 Oz. To Go Cups, in a Black and Silver Finish
  • 900 watts of professional power breaks down fruits and vegetables for nutritious juices and smoothies
  • The Nutri Ninja: Pro provides you with powerful nutrient & vitamin extraction performance to extract hidden nutrition from whole fruits and veggies

  • To answer your essential question: “what is the best mini-blender on the market ? We offer you this modern design model by Russel Hobbs. Although it does not have the title of the best mini-blender at the moment, it has the assets of an excellent device: performance, strength and versatility.
  • This mini-blender multifunction allows you to easily take care of your diet. Its blender function allows you to prepare smoothies, soups, sauces and fresh juices, rich in nutrients and vitamins. Thanks to its mill blade, this device can also be used to chop nuts, grate cheese or grind coffee.
  • Very complete and versatile, this model comes with 15 elements: 1 base in brushed stainless steel in which the engine is integrated, 3 bowls of 700 ml, 2 bowls of 350 ml, 1 set of 6 steel blades for mixing, 1 set 2 steel blades for grinding, 3 storage lids, 1 perforated sprinkle lid, 1 gourd type lid and 2 rings to convert the glass bowl.
  • Its power of 700 W gives it a great performance to mix, mix or grind your ingredients perfectly.
  • The Russell Hobbs 23180-56 is perhaps the best in the list. Its great power and its large list of elements make this model particularly interesting.
  • Good pointsMajor power: In this list, the Russell Hobbs 23180-56 is the most powerful, with its 700W. Combined with its set of 6 steel blades for mixing and its set of 2 steel blades for grinding, the power of this device will quickly overcome almost any type of food.
  • Complete set of accessories:This model also comes with a variety of accessories. In addition to the blade sets mentioned above, there are also 3 bowls of 700 ml, 2 bowls of 350 ml, 3 storage lids, 1 perforated lid for sprinkling, 1 lid type gourd and 2 rings to convert a glass bowl.
  • Negative pointsHigh price:Indeed, this model is far from the cheapest on the list.
  • But as they say, quality has a price.

3-Hamilton Beach Mini Blender (51101BA)

Hamilton Beach 51101BA Personal Blender with Travel Lid, Black, New
  • Compact design ideal for small living spaces and on-the-go portability
  • Great for making smoothies, shakes, baby formula, marinades and salad dressings

  • This Techwood mini-blender is appreciated for its ultra-compact design to avoid cluttering your kitchen. It is easy to use thanks to its on / off button. It works with a moderate power of 250 W to mix and gently mix your fruits or vegetables, to obtain a healthy mix loaded with vitamins and nutrients.
  • This cheap model gives you the opportunity to prepare cheaply and easily your drinks recipes. Its gourd has a maximum capacity of 500 ml, enough to prepare a delicious juice for one person. This can also be used to store and transport your drinks everywhere. Its lid is equipped with a spout to prevent drips when pouring your juice.
  • This mini-blender features a set of stainless steel blades, resistant and sharp, to achieve a perfect mix of your products. Its base is provided with anti-slip feet, which allows you to handle it safely. In total, this device weighs only 1.5 kg making it easy to move when needed.
  • Still wondering what mini-blender to choose because the previous products may not fit your needs. The Techwood TBL-504 could be of interest to you. This model is among the mini-blenders simple, compact while being effective.
  • Good pointsMinimum size:With its dimensions of 37.4 x 13.2 x 13.2 cm, the Techwood TBL-504 offers a minimum footprint. It is also very discreet because it is a product all in one.
  • Convenient :If some users like to have many accessories, others like the all-in-one, as with this product. It only has a removable 0.5 L flask, with a lid with spout.
  • Negative pointsLimited power:According to some users, this device is not powerful enough for hard foods like ice cubes. On the other hand, it is ideal for all types of smoothies, milkshakes and fruit juices.

4-Magic Bullet Blender.

Magic Bullet Blender, Small, Silver, 11 Piece Set
  • 11 piece blender set: Includes blender, additional blender cups, blades, recipe book & more
  • The magic bullet chops, mixes, blends, whips, grinds and more. Cups are made out of high-impact plastic

  • If you want to buy a multifunction mini-blender at the best price, we recommend this model TV Top Sales. With its red and silver colored base, containers and transparent plastic bowl, this one offers an attractive look. Its power of 400 W gives it a great efficiency.
  • It stands out for its unparalleled versatility, since it allows you to mix, mill, cut, chop, crush or knead any type of food. You can work in a little time your ingredients to make soups, sauces, drinks or smoothies.
  • This versatile mini-blender is supplied with several practical accessories, including 1 750 ml mixing bowl with lid designed in 2 parts, 2 large 500 ml mixing cups, 2 small 350 ml mixing cups, a sieve for extracting juice, a pusher , a flat blade tip, a cruciform tip, a storage lid and a sprinkler lid.
  • Thanks to its accessories, you can accurately prepare your recipes and your preparations become easier. You can adopt resistant ABS plastic containers to keep your food in the fridge or to heat it in the microwave.
  • If you are looking for a mini-blender not necessarily very powerful, but is not too limited, then the TV Top Sales 03806 will surely interest you.
  • Good pointsGood power:Compared to other models, this TV Top Sales 03806 offers a good power of 400W. With the right blades, he can mix, mill, cut, chop, crush, scrape, grind or knead different types of food. That’s 9 functions in one device.
  • Complete set of accessories:This model comes with a complete set of accessories, including 1 750 ml mixing bowl with a 2-part lid, 2 large 500 ml mixing cups, 2 small 350 ml mixing cups, a flat blade tip, another with cruciform blades, a sieve, a pusher, a conservation lid and another to sprinkle.
  • Negative pointsCould have featured a glass bowl:Hard to find a bad point for this model. But if you really have to provide one, some users regret the fact that this product does not come with an adaptable glass bowl, to drink the preparation directly.

5-NutriBullet Mini Blender NBR-1201.

NutriBullet NBR-1201 12-Piece High-Speed Blender/Mixer System, Gray (600 Watts)
  • The Nutribullet is the fastest, easiest solution for making nutrient- packed smoothies. Load it up with your favorite whole foods like nuts, berries and spinach, then push, twist and blend your way to a healthier lifestyle.
  • Powerful 600-watt motor and refined nutrient-extraction blades blend whole foods into liquid fuel for your body - in seconds.

  • For those looking for a good-value mini-blender, this Philips model can meet their expectations. It works with a power of 350 W, which allows it to mix in a few seconds your food. Practical and functional, it has a graduated mixing bowl with a capacity of 600 ml and a small mixing cup with ergonomic shapes.
  • It comes with a mini chopper that gives you the opportunity to crush, chop or grind certain foods and condiments. It also offers a graduated bottle allowing you to take away and savor your fruit or vegetable juice anywhere. Easy to use, it starts by simply pressing its Pulse speed button.
  • This modern device is put in confrontation on our comparative, because it deserves your attention by its great practicality. It has a removable easy-to-clean knife, spout and built-in cord storage. Its various elements are dishwasher safe for easy cleaning after each use. Reliable and robust, this model has a 2-year warranty.
  • This Philips HR2874 / 00 may be suitable for you if you are looking for a mini-blender supplied with many more accessories. In addition, it comes from the best brand of mini-blenders on the list.
  • Good pointsSatisfactory mixing:With its compact dimensions, the Philips HR2874 / 00 hides its game well, because it is a very effective device that offers a good mix. Even the ice cubes spend there (provided you do not put a lot in the jar).
  • Supplied accessories:In addition to the gourd and the classic bowl, this model is also supplied with a sieve to obtain fruit juice without too much pulp, and a chopper.
  • Negative pointsA little small:Some users find the bowl a bit too small, while the device has good potential. That said, we stay in the middle for a mini-blender.

6-Oster Mini Blender BLSTPB-WBL.

Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender with Travel Sport Bottle, Light Powder Blue
  • Blend your favorite smoothie or shake right in the sport bottle
  • Dishwasher safe 20 ounce BPA free plastic sport bottle

  • This Philips model offers you the possibility to succeed all kinds of succulent preparations: sauces, cocktails, smoothies, soups, smoothies, milkshakes, fruit juices.
  • Thanks to its 350 W motor, it offers a great performance and allows you to mix or mix your food quickly and easily.
  • When looking for the best 2019 mini-blenders, in addition to the performance of the model, check its durability as well. This mini-blender is equipped with a reinforced plastic bowl that ensures unequaled resistance to wear. This bowl with a capacity of 600 ml is graduated in ml and cups for easy handling.
  • Easy to use, this device works with a single press of the Pulse Speed ​​button. You can easily serve your preparation, thanks to its spout. Moreover, you can use its practical water bottle to store your mixed drinks and take them wherever you want.
  • This model has the qualities of a better mini-blender. It stands out for its unique practicality with its integrated cord storage system to limit the clutter in the kitchen. It’s quick and easy to clean with its removable bowl blade and dishwasher compatible parts.
  • If you are looking for the best mini-blender, we offer you the chance to compare some models in this ranking, starting with the Mini Blender BLSTPB-WBL.
  • Combining performance and strength, this model is also practical and compact.
  • Good points Convenient: Mini Blender BLSTPB-WBL mini blender is a practical product, offering both a good capacity of 600ml to prepare a good amount of fruit or vegetable juice; and a power of 350W, enough to mix and mix food quickly. This model also comes with a convenient water bottle for storing and carrying mixed drinks wherever you go.
  • Compact: With its dimensions of 4,8 x 4,8 x 10,3 inches, this product is very compact. Its weight is only 14 oz. capacity, and it also has a drawstring to limit the clutter in the kitchen.
  • Negative points careful with hard foods:After the test, some users have reported that this device does not like hard foods like ice cubes, carrots, etc.

How to use a mini blender

  • For sportsmen and fans of juices, a mini blender is a device to have at home. Whether it’s for one person or the whole family, it’s very important. That said, you have to know how to use it to get the full benefits it has to offer.
  • It is true that there are many models on the market. However, the instructions and the few rules of use that we will give you work for all. Just follow them, or at least keep them in mind.

Start by reading the user manual

  • As already mentioned, there are several models on the market. So read the user manual of the one you just bought so you do not regret afterward bad use.
  • The user manual will mainly help you know what foods can be put in and more importantly, which foods are not supported by your device. This is what you have to look for even if you are not a fan of reading textbooks and prefer to fumble.

Choose the right utensils to put

  • Some mini blenders have several utensils. These are used to roughly cut or grind certain foods. As they do not all have the same hardness, it is better to know what to use with each type. Nothing better than reading and following the user manual. Indeed, do not try to improvise.
  • These uses have been developed by professionals and experts after a long battery of tests. As long as it’s written, it’s been tested and approved. Moreover, the choice of the item to use can make your job easier and get the job done right and fast.

Cut out everything before putting in

  • Even if the mini blender is made to avoid long manual work, a minimum is still to be done. To keep your device longer, always cut everything into small pieces.
  • We even talk about ice cubes. To break them into smaller pieces will greatly facilitate the work of the device and prevent it from breaking. We will not tell you to peel, it’s pretty obvious, but we will tell you especially to cut fruits and vegetables, even the softest, to avoid finding large pieces in the juice.

Wash and dry

  • Some mini blenders are compatible with the dishwasher. However, not all elements of the device are. If you are told that one of the elements is not compatible, it is better not to try.
  • For appliances that can not be put in the dishwasher or if you do not have one, you must wash meticulously by hand. Check all corners and especially be sure to dry everything well afterwards. Do not forget to put the camera away and not leave it outside, especially for sharp objects. And, respect the order of storage to optimize the space.

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