moi moi

How to make moi-moi


  • Beans
  • Onions
  • Tatashe
  • Fresh pepper/atarodo
  • Vegetable oil
  • Salt
  • Seasoning cubes
  • Crayfish
  • Cooked eggs
  • Smoked fish
  • Tomato paste

Preparation method

  • First, soak the beans for 15mins and wash the beans until you are left with coatless beans. Soak the beans for some time to make it softer.
  • Strain the beans and pour into a blender. Add the peppers, onions, crayfish, and thick tomato paste for more colour.
  • Add a little water to help the blender work better. Grind the beans until it is very smooth.
  • Pour the blended beans into the bowl. Stir and add some water slowly. Continue to stir until it becomes lighter but not watery.
  • Add the seasoning cubes, stir and add the vegetable oil. Taste for salt and add a little if need be.
  • Add the mixture into a foil paper, container, or banana leaves, then add the smoked fish and sliced boiled eggs. Seal the foil or banana leaves, or cover the containers and set aside.
  • Line the base of your pot with foil paper or some banana leaves to avoid burning. Pour in some water and allow to boil.
  • When the water starts to boil, place the moi-moi into the boiling water and allow to steam. When the moi-moi starts to cook, add a little quantity of water from time to time to avoid it burning.
  • After 45mins put a knife through the moi-moi to check if the moi-moi is ready. If the knife comes out clean, it is ready. If you are not sure the moi-moi is well cooked or not, leave it to cook for 30mins.
  • Take out the moi-moi from the pot and unwrap it into a plate. You can eat with pap, rice, stew, bread, or garri.
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