List of Nigerian traditional foods

List of Nigerian Traditional Food

List of Nigerian traditional foods – Health traditional foods for different regions in Nigeria.

Eastern Food

This tribe is one of the three ethnic groups in Nigeria. Igbo foods are very easy to make. Below are the most popular Igbo foods and their recipes.

Oha or Ora Soup: This is a very delicious delicacy. It can be eaten with any choice of swallow, depending on the one you like. The best time to enjoy such a meal is in the afternoon because it is a heavy one. >>See recipes

Bitter leaf Soup (Ofe onugbu): This is another popular soup among the Igbos especially the Anambra people. It is made with cocoyam and can be eaten with any choice of swallow. >>See recipes

Okra Soup: Another popular food (soup) among the Igbos is Okra soup. It is one of the easiest and cheapest soups in Nigeria. It can be made with fresh fish, shrimps, kpomo, ugba, stockfish, meat, etc. >>See recipes

Agidi: Agidi is also part of the Igbo foods. It can be eaten with akara, vegetable, pepper soup, stew, etc.

Ofe Nsala: Ofe Nsala, also known as white soup is a tasty, fast, and easy soup. It is made with whole catfish which gives the soup its unique taste. >>See recipes

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Ofe Akwu: Ofe Akwu is a popular soup among the Igbos. It is called Banga soup among the Southerners. It is a palm nut stew which is traditionally prepared with native spices known as Banga spices which gives the soup its unique taste and flavour. >>See recipes

Ofe Okazi: The soup is made from Okazi leaves. The Okazi leaves are a rich source of protein and both essential and non-essential amino acids.

Ofe Owerri: Ofe Owerri is a delicious traditional soup made with all sort of meat by the people of Imo state. It was named after the capital of Imo state, Owerri. >>See recipes

Okpa: Okpa is a traditional Nigerian food very popular in the Igbo land.

Egusi Soup: Egusi soup is a traditional soup that is made, not only by the Igbos, but also other tribes. It is made with melon seeds, stockfish, usu, dried fish, okpei, crayfish, meat or chicken, pepper, vegetables, etc.

Other foods among the Easterners are:

Western Food

Yoruba foods are just as popular as foods made by other ethnic groups. Yoruba is one of the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria. Yorubas like a combination of soups, stew, assorted meat with eba, amala, or pounded yam. Below is a list of Yoruba delicacies.

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Northern Food

The Hausa foods are quite delicious. Most of them are easy to make. Below are the different delicacies for Northerners.

  • Dan wake
  • Masa
  • Suya
  • Miyan zogale
  • Miyan geda
  • Tuwo shinkafa
  • Dambu
  • Fura da nono
  • Kilishi
  • Miyan taushe
  • Miyan kuka
  • Kuli kuli

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Southern Food

The Southern consists of Akwa-Ibom, Cross River, Rivers, Delta, Bayelsa, and Edo state. These states are sitting on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. Most of their meals are made with vegetables, shrimps, stockfish, periwinkles, snails, different kind of fish. Check out the southern delicacies.

  • Edikaikong soup >>See recipes
  • Ekpang nkukwo
  • Afang soup >>See recipes
  • Ogbono soup
  • Onunu
  • Buru fulo
  • Native soup
  • Owo soup >>See recipes
  • Ogi soup (egusi)
  • Okra soup >>See recipes
  • Efo (greens soup)
  • Black soup
  • Omi ukpoka (corn soup)
  • Groundnut soup 
  • Banga soup
  • Ukhodo >>See recipes
  • Abak Atama soup
  • Fisherman soup
  • Kekefiyai
  • Fein beriba
  • Obudu
  • Kiri-Igina
  • Pulou fiai
  • Agbagba fulou
  • Opuru fulou
  • Podo podo
  • Ikpa
  • Dirima berima
  • Gbuo
  • Dunn
  • Ignabeni
  • Egbene fulou
  • Gbe
  • Otong soup
  • Ayan ekpang
  • Iwuk edesi
  • Edesi isip >>See recipes

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