health benefits of apricots

13 Impressive Health Benefits of Apricots

Health benefits of apricots – this fruit is one of the excellent fruits that help to fight diseases in the body

Apricots are small, golden orange coloured fruits which are generally available during the summer, but dried apricots are available all year round. They are not too juicy but have a very smooth and sweet flavour. The seeds are also edible and the oil extracted from the seeds is used for cooking. These fruits are very versatile and can be enjoyed both fresh or dried, though the fresh ones have higher vitamin C content. Dried apricots are eaten as snacks by dieters, they are more nutritious than fresh ones. Apart from eating raw, they can be used in a number of ways and recipes.

health benefits of apricots

Health benefits of apricots

  • Anti-cancer: apricots are an excellent source of antioxidants. They help protect you from cancer and also help in the treatment of cancer
  • Remedy for constipation: apricots contain a high amount of pectin (a soluble fibre), which helps in the treatment of constipation. The high levels of fibre in apricots are also vital for colon health.
  • Beneficial in pregnancy: apricots contain several essential nutrients which can help in the growth of the fetus. They are very beneficial for pregnant women. Pregnant women are advised to consume dried apricots as they contain high amounts of iron which will facilitate the circulation of blood in the body, thereby preventing anaemia.
  • Respiratory health: apricots are very beneficial for treating respiratory disease and its related symptoms. The oil is believed to be anti-asthmatic in nature and has expectorant and arousing qualities which help to relieve pressure and stress on the respiratory system, thereby preventing asthma attacks.
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health benefits of apricots

  • Aid in weight loss: apricots are low in calories which make them an excellent addition to weight loss. They are also high in dietary fibre which promotes quick movements of food through the digestive tract.
  • Heart health: apricots are excellent for maintaining the heart health. They contain vitamin C which helps to prevent heart disease. The high levels of dietary fibre remove the excess cholesterol from the arteries, reducing strain on the heart.
  • Treatment of fever: the juice of apricots is used in the treatment of fever. The soothing and anti-inflammatory properties of apricots affect the body’s temperature, curing fever. Mix apricot juice with water, add 1 tablespoon of honey to the mixture. Drink it twice a day to help reduce cold, fever, and cough.
  • Eye health: apricots are rich in vitamins A, C, and E as well as carotenoids that reduce the risk of eye vision problems. They improve eye health and prevent macular degeneration.
  • Bone health: apricots contain calcium which is vital for bone formation and development. They help in maintaining bone health and prevent bone related problems, including osteoporosis.
  • Earaches: the oil found in apricots is known to cure earaches. Drop a few drops of the oil into the affected ear canal for quick relief.
  • Treatment of acne: apricots contain anti-inflammatory properties which help to treat acne and skin redness. Applying a paste of apricot on the skin helps to cure acne and pimples. The leaf juice is used for treating sunburn, eczema, and scabies.
  • Good for sensitive skin: apricot oil is very useful for sensitive skin. It is also used in baby products because of its mild and gentle nature.
  • Delays signs of ageing: consumption of apricots helps to maintain the skin. The presence of vitamin E in apricots help to delay the signs of ageing. You can use apricots as a facial mask to soften the skin. It also tones and firms the skin.
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While this fruit helps you stay healthy, it does not stop the need to see your doctor.

Health benefits of apricots

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