food diet for healthy and glowing skin

24 Best Food Diet To Eat For Healthy & Glowing Skin

This guide focuses on the best food diet for healthy and glowing skin and face you should eat daily without spending thousands on skin care products?

The key to a healthy and glowing skin has to do with the foods you eat on a daily basis. To achieve a glowing skin is not based on expensive makeup or costly facial treatments. One thing you should know is that these makeups or treatment has bad effects on your skin.

When it comes to healthy looking skin, what you put in your body matters more than what you put on it. Eating the right foods improve the quality of your skin. There are also lifestyles that cause damage to your skin like smoking and tanning, and genetics can also influence and predispose your skin to pesky conditions. A gorgeous hydrated skin starts from within and that depends on what is on your plate. The foods in your kitchen are just important for keeping your skin healthy. As said by Baumann, MD, a Miami Beach dermatologist, that, “good nutrition is a fundamental building block of healthy skin”. The natural ingredients in food helps to protect the skin from UV damage that causes brown spots and wrinkles. The recipe for healthy skin starts with a well-rounded diet of healthy fats, sufficient protein, and lots of fruits and vegetables. The condition of your skin and how it ages are influenced by a number of factors, with diet and lifestyle playing a major part. Prolonged exposure to the sun, smoking, and a diet rich in processed and sugary foods, as well as dehydrators like caffeine and alcohol will over time take their toll. As we age, our skin gets thinner, less elastic, and prone to fine lines and wrinkles, but by including the right foods in your diet, you really can nourish from within. A healthy skin reflects how healthy you are on the inside, as it is said, you are what you eat.

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food diet for healthy and glowing skin

Food Diet For Healthy And Glowing Skin

Here is a list of foods to give you a healthy skin that you desire

  1. Blueberries: this healthy and delicious anti-oxidant rich fruit is high in fibre, vitamin A, and low in saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. This tasty fruit helps to clear acne and blotchy spots on your skin, leaving you with a healthier, happier glow.
  2. Tomatoes: this veggie contains lycopene, the phytochemical that makes tomatoes red; it helps boosts collagen strength – a protein that gives the skin its taut, youthful structure, and fights off the oxidising effect of UV rays by eliminating skin ageing free radicals.
  3. Carrots: carrots are good for the eyes and are good for clearing up breakouts because it contains plenty of beta-carotene and vitamin A, an anti-oxidant which prevents over production of cells in the skin’s outer layer. Vitamin A plays an important role in reducing the development of skin-cancer cells.
  4. Sweet potatoes: this food gives a healthier, more attractive, and more radiant glow to the skin than you get from sun exposure.
  5. Turmeric: turmeric plays an essential role in protecting the skin against cancer and other diseases, and also reduces pain. That is because turmeric’s anti-oxidant, curcumin, has shown to be one of the most effective anti-inflammatory and free radical fighting options out there. It can also be used to lighten dark pigmentation blotches or scars caused by ageing, hormone imbalance, or sun exposure.
  6. Salmon: this food is one of the most potent sources of anti—inflammatory omega-3s. It protects the integrity of cell membranes. Strengthening cell membranes guards against their deterioration that causes premature ageing. It also helps to prevent the production of a rachidonic acid, an inflammation precursor that leads to wrinkle formation. Also, this food helps for proper muscle functioning that can keep your face looking toned and firm.
  7. Pawpaw: this fruit contains a plethora of active enzymes which pass on their health benefits. One enzyme known as chymopapain has been used to relieve inflammation which is a common source of skin conditions. Another enzyme called papain helps to remove blemishes and treat acne when applied topically.
  8. Yellow peppers: this spice contains vitamin C which is essential for the formation and growth of skin and muscle tissue as well as building collagen- the protein which provides strength and structure to your skin, bones, muscles, and tendons.
  9. Eggs: eating a whole egg is very important. The yolk is rich in vitamins that are essential for proper cell function, and also contains the “beauty vitamin” known as biotin. The B vitamin is commonly known to help grow hair, strengthen fingernails, and also helps to protect skin from acne, rashes, and dryness.
  10. Avocado: this fruit is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids which have been proven to hydrate and shield the skin by lowering the risk of premature ageing caused by UV radiations. It also helps you absorb many of the fat-soluble vitamins that help to protect your skin from sun damage.
  11. Spinach: this green veggie helps to protect skin against tumour and reduces the likelihood of cancer-cell growth. It also contains an essential B vitamin which helps to maintain and repair DNA.
  12. Coconut water and oil: this fruit contains muscle relaxing potassium and electrolytes to replenish and rehydrate your skin, making it look softer and younger.
  13. Oats: this food diet helps you lose weight, and also brighten up your skin. That is because, introducing high fibre foods like oats will feed your inflammation – reducing gut bacteria, minimise spike in blood sugar that can contribute to skin problems, and strengthen and firm up your body tissues.
  14. Brazil nuts: this nut contains selenium, a nutrient that can boost the production of collagen. Selenium helps preserve elastin, a protein that keeps your skin smooth and tight, and acts as an anti-oxidant, stopping free radicals created by UV exposure from damaging cells. These nuts are also full of vitamin E to keep your skin moisturised and copper to support the production of melanin; a compound that also protects your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays.
  15. Almonds: almonds contain vitamin E which helps repair scarred cells and defend against sun damage. Vitamin E acts as an anti-oxidant, it also works to keep your body free from dangerous free radicals.
  16. Walnuts: walnuts contain polyunsaturated fatty acids which help to lower the risk of skin cancer or slow its development.
  17. Dark chocolate: dark chocolate contains anti-oxidant known as flavanols which reduce roughness in the skin and provide skin protection. It also reduces inflammation.
  18. Brown rice: this food contains ceramides which help your skin maintain its moisture.
  19. Lettuce: this veggie produces vitamin A which revitalises skin by increasing cell turnover. The mineral potassium in lettuce gives skin a refreshing boost of nutrients and oxygen by improving circulation.
  20. Strawberries: this fruit contains an anti-oxidant that boosts production of collagen fibres that help keep skin smooth and firm.
  21. Apples: this fruit contains quercetin, an anti-oxidant in the peel of many varieties, which provides hefty protection from the “burning” UV rays that trigger skin cancer.
  22. Extra virgin olive oil: this healthy fat contains essential fatty acids that help skin resist UV damage.
  23. Whole grains: whole grains are high in anti-oxidant, and eating additional anti-oxidant is key to youth-proofing your complexion.
  24. Lemons: this fruit has a high content of vitamin C which is needed for the synthesis of collagen. It helps prevent the skin from scars, acne, blackheads, and dull looks
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Avoid these foods

  1. Sugar: refined sugar found in cakes, biscuits, bread, pasta, and drinks. They have an ageing effect on the skin. Too much sugar damages skin cells and affects collagen production. Instead, use natural sweeteners like natural fruits as well as spices like cinnamon or vanilla.
  2. Bad fats: bad fats are trans fats found in pastries, cakes, and processed ready meals. Also, try to minimise saturated fat from red meat and dairy, these fats reduce blood flow to the skin.
  3. Alcohol: alcohol drinks often contain lots of sugar. It causes the secretion of the stress hormone.

While these food diet for healthy and glowing skin contain all the basic nutrients that will make you look young and fresh, you can also tell us how you maintain your skin every day.

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