Feeding your Newborn; Tips for Breastfeeding Moms

Feeding your newborn – Sticking with breast milk or infant formula is the ideal food for babies.

How you feed your newborn is the first nutrition decision you make for your child. It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that babies should be breastfed exclusively for about the first 6 months. Following the introduction of solid foods, breastfeeding should continue through the first year of life and even beyond, if desired.

In some cases, breastfeeding isn’t possible or preferable for all new moms. The decision to breastfeed or bottle feed a baby is usually based on the mother’s comfort level with breastfeeding and her lifestyle. At times, breastfeeding may not be recommended for a mom and her baby. But one thing still stands, your baby’s nutritional and emotional needs must be met, whether you breastfeed or formula feed.

Feeding your newborn

Feeding your newborn

About Breastfeeding

There are many advantages of breastfeeding your newborn. Most importantly, breast milk is the perfect food for a baby’s digestive system. It contains the nutrients that a newborn needs, and all its components. Commercial formulas try to imitate breast milk, and come close, but cannot match its exact composition. Also, breast milk contains antibodies that help protect babies from many infectious illnesses, including diarrhea and respiratory infections.

Breastfeeding is good for moms too. It helps burn calories, so nursing moms could get back in shape quicker. It may also protect moms from breast cancer and ovarian cancer. Breastfeeding meets a variety of emotional needs for both moms and babies; the skin-to-skin contact can enhance the emotional connection, and providing complete nourishment can help a new mom feel confident in her ability to care for her newborn.

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Breast milk is the optimal nutrient mix for infants. It’s full of good stuff like antibodies, antimicrobial factors, enzymes, and anti-inflammatory factors along with fatty acids (which promote optimal brain development).

Breastfeeding keeps the baby developing and growing properly, helps infants fight off diseases (such as gastrointestinal and respiratory infections) both now and in the future, and may even ensure that the baby grows up to prefer healthy foods.

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Feeding your newborn

Be careful of what you eat

What you as a pregnant or nursing mother eat, your baby eats too.

  • Limit or avoid your alcohol, caffeine, etc
  • Limit your toxin exposure. Eat organic when possible, scrub your veggies/fruits, and avoid most seafood.

Of course, your breast milk will be especially healthy if mom eats nutritiously while she is pregnant or breastfeeding, but it doesn’t have to be too sophisticated. Just follow simple and fundamental nutrition habits and take advantage of healthy tips

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