blood type food diet

Best Food Diet For Blood Types

Blood type food diet: This blood type food diet contains list of food diet for different blood groups ( blood type A, B, AB, & O)

Blood Type Food Diet

Blood Type A

Blood type A has low levels of hydrochloric acid and alkaline phosphatase but high levels of a digestive enzyme called intestinal dissacharide, that is animal protein is not easily digested, but carbohydrates are. Blood type A thrives on a vegetarian diet with some wild caught fish. Blood type As have naturally high levels of the stress hormone cortisol which makes stress reduction an essential part of the type A lifestyle. Foods eaten by type As must be pure, organic, and as fresh as possible. They have sensitive immune systems. Meat eating type As should eliminate the more toxic foods from their diet. Blood type A people should ensure that they limit exposure to:

blood type food diet

  • Loud noise
  • Smoking
  • Strong smells and perfume
  • Extreme weather conditions (hot or cold)
  • Crowd
  • Over work
  • Violent movies
  • Negative emotions
  • Lack of sleep

blood type food diet

Food Diet for Blood Type A

  Foods to eat Foods to avoid
Vegetables Carrots, broccoli, beet leaves, garlic, lettuce, collard greens, kale, okra, onions, pumpkin, spinach, turnips Cabbage, eggplant, tomatoes, mushroom
Fruits Berries, figs (dried or fresh), apricots, grape fruits, lemons, pineapple, prunes, raisins, cherries Banana, coconut, cantaloupe, mango, orange, pawpaw, plantain, tangerine, and honey dew
Fats and oil Extra virgin oil Canola oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, peanut oil, sesame oil, and safflower oil
Sea foods Mackerel, carp, cod, salmon, sardine, sea trout, snail, white fish, yellow perch, red snapper Anyone not mentioned in food to eat
Grains Oat, rice, rye flours, artichoke, pasta, wheat, soba noodles  Anyone not mentioned in food to eat
Legumes Black beans, pinto beans, green peas, lentil beans, black-eyed peas, green beans Kidney beans, red beans, navy beans, lima beans, tamarind beans, copper beans, and garbanzo beans
Nuts and seeds Pumpkin seeds, peanuts Brazil, cashew, and pistachios
Juices Pineapple, carrot, prune, celery, grape fruit, black cherry, apricot  Anyone not mentioned in food to eat
Herbal teas Green tea, ginger, aloe, milk thistle  Any one not mentioned in food to eat
Beverages Coffee, green tea, and red wine Beer, liquor, soda, seltzer water

blood type food diet

Blood Type B

People with blood type B are considered the Nomad, that is, they are descended from ancient nomadic tribes and they have specific dietary needs, (according to Dr. D’ Adamo). A blood type B diet can be life changing alteration for people who have this type of blood. People with blood type B should eat different foods than people with other types of blood. This is based on the premise that the proteins in your food called lectins, react with your blood, and that certain lectins are more compactible with some blood types than others. People with blood type B have strong immune systems, a tolerant digestive system and are the most flexible in available dietary choices among all the blood types. They can also eat a lot dairy.

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blood type food diet

Food Diet for Blood Type B

Foods to eat Foods to avoid
Meat and poultry Lamb, mutton, venison, rabbit, beef, pheasant, turkey, veal Chicken, Cornish hens, duck, goose, partridge, quail, pork
Sea foods Cod, salmon, white fish, trout All shell fish, anchovy, barracuda, beluga, eel, frog, lox, octopus, sea bass, snail, striped bass, turtle, yellow tail
Dairy Cottage cheese, goat milk and cheese, kefir, feta, milk, yoghurt, mozzarella, and ricotta American cheese, blue cheese, ice cream, string cheese
Fats and oil Olive oil Canola oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, peanut, sesame, sunflower oil, safflower oil
Nuts and seeds All kinds of nuts except those listed as not allowed Cashews, filberts, pine, pistachio, peanuts, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds
Beans All kinds of beans except those listed as not allowed Lentils, garbanzos, black-eyed peas, beans (pinto, aduke, azuki, black)
Grains Millet, oatmeal, puffed rice, rice Wheat (bran, germ bulgur, durum, whole, and white), shredded wheat, cream of wheat or any product such as flour, bread and noodles made with these grain product

Rye and any product such as flour, bread and noodles made with these grain products, buckwheat, corn (cornflakes, cornmeal) and  any other products made with these grain products, amaranth, barley, wild rice, couscous, kasha, seven grain

Bread Bread (brown rice, essence, Ezekiel, wasa), fin, crisp, millet, rice cakes Bagels, muffins (corn and bran), bread (multi-grain, rye, whole wheat), soba noodles, wild rice, couscous
Vegetables Green leafy vegetables Tomatoes, corn, olives, artichoke, avocado, pumpkin, radishes, sprouts, tofu, tempeh
Fruits Pineapples, bananas, cranberries, grapes, pawpaw, plums Coconuts, persimmons, pomegranates, prickly pear, rhubarb, star fruit
Spices and condiments Ginger, curry, horseradish,  cayenne pepper Bale malts sweeteners, corn syrup, cornstarch, cinnamon, allspice, almond extract, gelatin, pepper
Beverages Ginger, peppermint, raspberry leaf, green teas, ginseng, rose hips, sage Aloe, coltsfoot, corn, silk, fenugreek, gentian, goldenseal, hops, linden, mullein, red clover, rhubarb, senna, skull cap, seltzer water, distilled liquor, soda, shepherd’s purse

blood type food diet

Blood Type Food Diet

Blood Type AB

Blood type AB people have a mixed inheritance in their digestive abilities. The blood group AB is rare. Blood type AB is a direct result of the intermingling of blood types A and B which gives it a chameleon like features. They pick up both A and B type features. Blood type AB people are modern eaters.

blood type food diet

Food Diet for Blood Type AB

Foods to eat Foods to avoid
Sea food Cod, grouper, hake, mackerel, monkfish, ocean perch, pickerel, red snapper, sailfish, sardine, snail, tuna, trout All shell fish like crab, crayfish, oysters, shrimps, lobster, mussel, and clam. Other sea foods like turtle, yellow tail, sea bass, flounder, octopus, frog, lox, eel, herring, anchovy, barracuda, beluga, haddock, halibut
Meat and poultry Lamb, rabbit, and turkey Chicken, Cornish, hens, duck, goose, beef, pork, veal, partridge, quail, venison
Dairy Goat cheese and milk, non-fat sour cream, eggs, yoghurt, kefir, ricotta, mozzarella Whole milk and buttermilk, American cheese, blue cheese, brie, parmesan, provolone, camembert cheese, ice—cream, and sherbet
Fats and oil Olive oil Sunflower oil, safflower oil, corn oil, cottonseed oil, sesame oil
Nuts Walnuts and peanuts Filberts and seed poppy, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds
Beans Lentils, pinto beans, red beans, soy beans, and navy beans Black-eyed peas, black beans, azuki, fava, garbanzo beans
Grains Millet, oatmeal and flour, oat bran, bread and noodles made from grains Buckwheat, corn and corn flour, bread and noodles made with buckwheat and corn, kamut, kasha, soba noodles, artichoke pasta
Vegetables Broccoli, beet, celery, cauliflower, cucumber, eggplant, green leafy vegetables, garlic, maitake mushroom, parsley, parsnips, sweet potatoes, alfalfa, sprouts, tofu, yam of all types Artichoke, abalone, and shiitake mushrooms
Fruits Grapes and plums, cherries, cranberries, gooseberries, loganberries, pineapple, grapefruit, lemon, and kiwi Mango, guava, coconut, banana, avocado, lima beans, black olives
Spices Kelp, curry, miso, garlic, horseradish, parsley Red and black pepper, bell peppers, and radish sprouts, radishes, almond extract, cornstarch, corn syrup, barley malt, capers, gelatin, tapioca, vinegar
Beverages Alfalfa, chamomile, one glass of licorice red wine per day, a cup of coffee or decaf coffee per day, green tea, strawberry leaf, herbal teas, hawthorn, dandelion Distilled liquor, sodas, black tea

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blood type food diet

Blood Type O

Blood type O is the most common blood type and is often sought out for blood donation because it can be donated to people of any blood types. Blood type O is the basic and the oldest type of blood. The characteristics that make the people of this blood group unique are an overactive immune system, intolerance for environmental and dietary adaptation, inability to digest glue containing products, and a hard digestive system. People of this blood group generally have low production of the thyroid hormone and they are always having problem with their thyroid gland.

blood type food diet

Food Diet for Blood Type O

Foods to eat Foods to avoid
Vegetables Arugula, asparagus/asparagus  peas, bamboo shoot, agar, beet, cabbage, Brussels, sprouts, carrot, celeriac, celery, radish, eggplant, garlic, lettuce, peas, broccoli, tomato, yam, water chestnut, pepper (green and yellow), mushroom (black trumpet, enoki, mattock, straw, oyster, partobello) Alfalfa seeds/sprouts, aloe/aloe juice, caper, cauliflower, cucumber/cucumber juice, leek, domestic mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, mustard greens, black olives, pickle in brine and vinegar, red/white potatoes, rhubarb, taro
Legumes Black beans, cannelloni, fava, garbanzo (chickpea), green beans, lima, mung(beans, sprouts), northern beans, white beans, yellow snap, soy (granules, milk, beans, miso, cheese, nut butter, tempeh, tofu) Lentils, copper beans, kidney beans, navy beans, pinto beans, tamarind
Nuts and seeds Filbert (hazelnut), almonds (raw, butter, cheese, milk), butternuts, hickory, macadamia, pecans (nut butter), pin, safflower seed, sesame (butter, tahini), sunflower (butter) Beech nut, brazil nuts, cashew nut/cashew butter, chestnuts, pistachios, poppy seeds, sunflower seeds/sunflower seed butter
Sea foods Crab (blue), calm, eel, lobster (northern), mullet, mussel (blue), oyster (eastern and wild), scallop, shrimp, snail (escargot), anchovy (European), beluga, bluefish, bullhead, butterfish, carp, chub, croaker (Atlantic), cusk, drum (fresh water), mackerel, monkfish, salmon, sardine, shark, tilapia, tuna (fresh, blue fin), trout (brook, sea) Catfish, frog, Atlantic Pollock, salmon roe, caviar, abalone, conch, octopus, squid (calamari)
Meat and poultry Goat, horse, rabbit, squirrel, chicken, duck, Cornish hen, goose, guinea hen, ostrich, partridge, turkey, pheasant, squat, eggs (whole duck, white chicken, whole chicken, chicken yolk) Bacon, ham, pork, turtle, quail, eggs (goose, quail)
Fats and oil Almond, black currant seed, borage seeds, cod, canola, liver, sesame, walnut Peanut butter, avocado, coconut, corn, cottonseed, evening primrose, peanut, safflower, soy sunflower, wheat germ
Herbs, spices, and condiments Agave syrup, allspice, almond extract, anise seed, apple pectin, baking soda, barley malt, flour, basil, bay leaf, arrow root flour, chilli powder, caraway seeds, chocolate (coco), cilantro (coriander), gelatin, honey, lecithin, mayonnaise (with vinegar), mustard (dry, wheat free, vinegar free), pepper (black, peppercorn, cayenne, chilli, red flakes), peppermint, soy sauce (wheat free), sugar(brown and white), thyme (raw), vanilla extract, vegetable glycerin, vinegar (cider) Acacia gum, alfalfa, aspartame, carrageenan, corn syrup, cornstarch, dextrose, fructose, guar gum, invert sugar, ketchup, monosodium glutamate (MSG), nutmeg, white pepper, mustard, white ground pepper, pickle relish, vinegars (red wine, white wine, balsamic, rice, white)
Grains Amaranth, buckwheat (kasha, soba), gluten free bread, kamut, millet, oat (bran, flour, meal), rice (basmati, brown, cream, puffed, white, wild, bran, cake, flour, milk), rye (100% bread flour), soba noodles, soy flour, tapioca (pearl, dry) Barley, couscous, grits, sorghum, wheat (flour, refined, whole, unbleached, white flour, gluten flour, semolina flour, bran, sprouted, bread, germ), corn (popcorn, blue, white, yellow, cornmeal)
Fruits Apple, breadfruit, apricot, currants (red, black), dates grape, grape fruit, lemon, lime, pawpaw, peach, pear, pineapple, pomegranate, watermelon, star fruit (carambola), berries, melons (casaba, Christmas, musk, Persian, Spanish, Crenshaw) Asian pear, avocado, bitter melon, blackberries, cantaloupe, coconut/coconut milk, honeydew melon, kiwi, litchi (iychee), oranges, plantains, tangerines,
Juice Apple, apricot, cranberry, grapefruit, lemon, lime, pear, nectarine Blackberry, orange, tangerines
Dairy Butter (without salt, ghee), cheeses (farmer, feta, goat, mozzarella) Cheeses (American, blue, brie, cheddar, camembert, cottage, cream, Colby, edam, Swiss, string, ricotta), milk (cow, goat, whole, buttermilk, sour cream, ice cream, yoghurt, kefir, casein, whey)
Beverages Red wine Coffee, black tea, sodas, beer, white wine, distilled liquor

While this blood type food diet helps you stay healthy, it does not stop the need for you to see your doctor.

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