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About NaijaFoodTherapy is the best food blog in Nigeria; it’s not just the general food blog that discusses various African and intercontinental food recipes, we take your health and what you eat very serious and as such create this blog to recommend food you should eat to help maintain, regain the body hormone that fights diseases and remains healthy.

Other blogs share every food combinations which are even dangerous to eat (why? they contain certain substances that are not health friendly) but we share selected foods and fruits you should keep at home to remain younger and fresh.

best food blog in nigeria

NaijaFoodTherapy; Your Best Food Blog in Nigeria:

This blog is run by Gloria Okere, one of Nigeria’s foremost personal and family nutritionist blogger who has built a career in Food and Nutrition. So, you can be assured that all food recipes and fruits recommended for people with different ailments are reviewd by Nigeria’s best food blogger.

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Who did we build this blog for?

  • infants and growing children
  • Young people who are just growing and want to learn how to remain fresh.
  • Older folks who need basic food recipe advice and tips that build immune system against diseases.
  • Pregnant and Nursing mothers who want to make their baby body stronger, smart and intelligent from conception to delivery.
  • Sick people who want to build their body system to fight diseases and regain their health.
  • Athletes and prisoners

Why you should be part of the best food blog in Nigeria:

  • All food recipes are recommended by a Nutritionist
  • Avoid food that is not health-friendly
  • We want you to remain healthy and live longer.
  • Ask questions about your current diet plan and suggestions on how to grow.

Disclaimer: Please be aware that our food diet advice does not, in any way, replace the need to see a qualified doctor.