the health benefits of soursop fruit

Health Benefits of Soursop

The health benefits of soursop fruit – Prevents cancer cells and other health issues.

Soursop is the fruit of the evergreen tree, Annona muricata. The fruit is most popular for its cancer-fighting properties and is widely promoted as an alternative cancer treatment. It contains numerous phytonutrients that can fight disease-causing cells and even certain kinds of tumours. These phytonutrients contain antioxidant properties that enhance the overall health. They help fight cancer, enhance eye health, and treat a range of infections. The fruit is popular among practitioners of herbal medicine, given its ability to relieve so much distress, pain, fever, respiratory issues, and certain other medical conditions.

Soursop is known to contain specific substances with biological activity – the most potent of these being annonacin, which is one of the many compounds that form acetogenins. Acetogenins have been widely studied for their anti-cancer potentials.

It is a wonder-working fruit found in the tropical region of the world. The leaves of soursop fruit have amazing medicinal properties which makes them usable as an ingredients in several herbal health-care products. This one fruit kills malignant cells of 12 different types of cancer, more effective than chemotherapy drugs.

the health benefits of soursop fruit

The health benefits of soursop fruit

  • Treats cancer: The treating of cancer is known as the most important one of the health benefits of soursop. The soursop leaves have been proved to prevent cancer cells and treat cancer more effectively than chemotherapy that sometimes results in some side effects. It relieves or eliminates the growth of cancer cells in the body. There are some forms of cancer that can be dealt by soursop including breast cancer, lung cancer, pancreatic cancer, liver cancer, and prostate cancer.
  • Prevents heart and nerve diseases: This is another important health benefits of soursop. The plant can boost metabolism, stimulate proper blood circulation, and prevent damages to the nerves, thus, it makes the functioning heart and nerve system less damaged and better even when you get older.
  • Prevents and treats diabetes: Soursop extracts have positive effects on lowering blood sugar levels, which is the main cause of diabetes. The fruit possesses anti-diabetic properties. The soursop leaf aqueous extract was found to inhibit (and even prevent) the hepatic oxidative damage caused in diabetic patients.
  • Treats eczema and rheumatism: Soursop is believed to have the ability to treat eczema for a long time. The remedy is very easy by mashing a few soursop leaves and then applying it to the affected areas 2 times every day. This remedy can help alleviate the pain caused by eczema as well as treat it. Soursop leaves can also be used to treat rheumatic diseases that often occurs to elderly people and then cause great pains. They are known as a natural treatment of arthritis pain. Mash a few leaves of soursop till they become smooth and then apply it to the affected areas regularly twice a day.
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the health benefits of soursop fruit

  • Treats gout: Soursop is quite beneficial in treating gout. It is because of its ability to inhibit uric acid, the main cause of gout. In fact, many medicines for gout available in the market base on the extract of soursop leaves. You should use a treatment on a natural basis by doing this way: Take 6 to 10 soursop leaves that are green but little old and then wash them clean. Boil the leaves with 2 cups of water until only 1 cup remains. Take this concoction twice a day (one in the morning and the left in evening)
  • Reduces inflammation: The plant have anti-inflammatory content and its effect on immune reduction was investigated in animals. Soursop extract has considerably reduce the exudate volume. And this is the basis to suggest the plant as a treatment of inflammation due to the active substances with anti-inflammatory and antinociceptive activities.
  • Boost the immune system and prevent infections: Besides reducing inflammation, the soursop leaves are also useful in boosting the immune system and preventing infections in the body because of its nutrient content. Boil 4/5 soursop leaves with 4 cups of water until only one cup is left and then drink the concoction once a day.
  • Decrease depression: Extracts from the leaves and fruit of soursop contains 3 alkaloids including, annonaine, asimilobine and nomuciferine that are able to prevent the binding of rauwolscine to receptors in calf hippocampus. This means soursop fruit has anti-depressive effects, thus, people should continue it regularly to relieve their depression as well as stress.
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The health benefits of soursop fruit

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