prepare yam flour porridge with vegetable

Yam Porridge Recipes

This guide contains steps to prepare yam flour porridge with vegetable including basic ingredients you should buy.

Ingredients: yam, smoked fish or dried fish, palm oil, ground crayfish, onion, vegetable (scent leaf – effirin or nchanwu), ground pepper, salt, seasoning cubes

Cooking steps

  • Cut the yam, peel, dice, wash twice, and put in a pot with some water. Cover and allow to boil until well done. Ten reduce the water.
  • Wash the fish and remove the bones, and chop the onions
  • Add the chopped onions, crayfish, pepper, and smoked fish. Add your palm oil, cover and allow to boil for few mins
  • Add your seasoning cubes, salt, and stir. check for salt and allow to cook.
  • Continue to check and stir to get the sauce thickened. When it began to thicken, check the softness before adding your effirin or nchanwu
  • Stir for proper mixing of the ingredients, then turn off the heat. Your yam porridge is ready.


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