nigerian food timetable for diabetic patient

1 Week Nigerian Food Timetable for Diabetic Patients

Find the best Nigerian food timetable for diabetic patient with the one-week meal plan you can adopt and fight diabetes in your body.

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Nigerian Food Timetable for Diabetic Patient – Weekly Food Diet Plan to Follow:

Below is a one-week meal plan to help diabetic Nigerians stay healthy and relaxed without always thinking about what to eat next.


  • Breakfast: Lipton tea or green tea with whole wheat bread
  • Lunch: Unripe plantain fufu with vegetable soup and fish
  • Dinner: Guinea corn pap with moi mom


  • Breakfast: Guinea corn pap with moi moi or akara
  • Lunch: Wheat meal with okra soup
  • Dinner: Unripe plantain with garden egg stew


  • Breakfast: Oats with moi moi or wheat bread
  • Lunch: Jollof brown basmati rice with fish and vegetable
  • Dinner: Unripe plantain with stew or pepper soup


  • Breakfast: Lipton tea with wheat bread and boiled eggs
  • Lunch: Wheat meal fufu with edikaikong soup
  • Dinner: Pepper soup


  • Breakfast: Boiled water yam with vegetable stew
  • Lunch: Okro soup with unripe plantain fufu or wheat meal
  • Dinner: Ewa agonyin


  • Breakfast: Akara and guinea corn pap
  • Lunch: Uripe plantain porridge
  • Dinner: Vegetable ogbono soup with wheat fufu


  • Breakfast: Tea with wheat bread and boiled egg
  • Lunch: Brown basmati rice and stew with chicken or fish served with vegetable salad
  • Dinner: Pepper soup

While this Nigerian food timetable for diabetic patient will help you fight diabetes in your body, it doesn’t in any way replace the need to see a medical doctor for more advice.

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