healthy nigerian breakfast ideas

Healthy Nigerian Breakfast Meals

Healthy Nigerian breakfast ideas – Below are the very best Nigerian breakfast you can eat on the go.

Nigerian Breakfast meals are quick, healthy, and filling. They are quick and easy to prepare. They are usually meals you can rustle up and eat before you dash out to work. Below are the healthy Nigerian breakfast ideas you can follow.

healthy nigerian breakfast ideas

Healthy Nigerian breakfast ideas

  • Yam balls: Yam ball is another way to enjoy sweet yam. It can be eaten with ogi (pap) or custard.
  • Plantain omelette: Plantain gives you the chance to enjoy an exotic breakfast of omelette with fried plantain in one dish.

healthy nigerian breakfast ideas

  • Soya milk: Soya milk is a refreshing rich drink, a plant-based milk that can replace cow milk on your breakfast table.
  • Boiled yam with egg stew: This is another delicious and healthy Nigerian breakfast meal.
  • Ogi (pap): Ogi with the distinctive sour taste is the traditional version of custard meal. It can be eaten with akara, moi-moi (plantain or beans moi moi), yam balls, fried plantain, or plantain puffs.

healthy nigerian breakfast ideas

  • Bread rolls: They are perfect with chocolate drinks, tomato omelette, fried eggs, and can be eaten with western soups.
  • Agidi (eko): This is another healthy Nigerian breakfast meal. It is the perfect match for Nigerian pepper soups and akara.
  • Club sandwich: Club sandwich is a perfect addition to every breakfast meal. It can be taken with tea or coffee.
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healthy nigerian breakfast ideas

  • Pancake: Pancake is a good partner to custard, ogi, and oatmeal. Perfect for breakfast.
  • Fried plantain: Fried plantain can be eaten in a variety of ways. It can be eaten with pap, custard, egg stew, pepper stew, egg sauce, etc.
  • Bread and egg: This is another power combo for a healthy Nigerian breakfast. To increase the health value of this meal, choose 100% whole grain bread instead of white bread. Also, add a lot of vegetables when frying your eggs and avoid deep frying.

healthy nigerian breakfast ideas

  • Boiled plantain and stew: Plantains are so versatile. They can be enjoyed boiled or grilled.
  • Golden morn: It is an excellent source of fibre and iron. It is a good breakfast meal to help start your day.
  • Fried yam: Fried yam is a healthy Nigerian meal that can be eaten with a wide range of Nigerian stews and sauces. It is often used as a breakfast meal with fried egg, omelette, tomato fish stew, vegetable sauce, or oatmeal.

healthy nigerian breakfast ideas

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Other Nigerian breakfast meals include:

  • Hard boiled egg and smoothie
  • Egg taco
  • Oatmeal with fruits and nuts
  • Plantain moi-moi with custard, oatmeal, or akamu
  • Tomato chicken roll with fruit yoghurt
  • Akara with custard, ogi, agidi, or bread
  • Banana bread with tea or coffee
  • Coconut avocado smoothie
  • Egg white’s omelette
  • Coconut flour pancakes
  • Tomato omelette with slice bread, fried plantain, fried or boiled yam.


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