health benefits of drinking water

10 Impressive Health Benefits of Drinking Water

Health benefits of drinking water – Below are 10 reasons you should drink water every day. Drinking the right amount of water everyday plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body.

Water is an essential component of our body and it plays a vital role in maintaining the pH balance of the body, metabolic processes, delivering useful products, and clearing waste products, while functioning essentially in nearly all major organ systems in the body. It also plays an essential role in functioning of the circulatory, respiratory, excretory, and nervous systems, along with metabolic reactions, maintenance of skin components and a prevention of a number of diseases.

Water is a natural chemical that may also be referred to as a substance or a compound and consists of H2O molecules. It is a simple inorganic compound that accounts for approximately 55-60% of the body mass of humans and is found throughout the human body where it occupies most of the volume of many body fluids, cells, and the tissues formed by such cells.

Health benefits of drinking water

Note: It is possible that drinking too much of water can lead to water intoxication. Though it is rare, but it can be fatal. Drinking water doesn’t mean that water alone is appropriate to resolve any situation. In order to achieve this health benefits, drink the right amounts of safe clean drinking water. Always take expert advice if concerned about any health issue.

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health benefits of drinking water

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Health benefits of drinking water

  • Reduces headaches: The common cause for headaches is dehydration. This is because the brain itself is mostly water – figures vary from about 70% upwards.
  • Balances pH: For proper physiological processes, the body maintains a pH range of 7.35 – 7.45. Whereby there is an acidic shift, it may lead to sickness and the body may not be able to assimilate vitamins and minerals. Thus, the value should be above 7, which is favourable to the body’s oxygen uptake, higher energy levels, and a better immune response to diseases. This can be achieved by drinking the right amount of water everyday.
  • Helps in breathing: Water helps in transporting oxygen all over the human body while collecting the carbon(IV)oxide from all these parts and dissolving these gases.
  • Regulation of body temperature: The human body consists of water and it is responsible for the regulation of body temperature. We undergo perspiration in summers to dissipate the excess heat in order to lower our temperature, and this temperature regulation property has been attributed to water as well.
  • Prevents cardiovascular disease: Water helps to prevent cardiovascular disorders to a large degree. Water maintains proper viscosity of blood and plasma and fibrinogen distribution. Therefore, adequate hydration of vascular components is advisable.

health benefits of drinking water

  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers: A pregnant woman carries a new life in her womb that develops from her body’s resources. The nutrients and other factors needed for its growth can be carried from the mother to the fetus through blood, which in turn need water. Excess water is needed during these periods to avoid constipation, hemorrhoids, and bladder infection.
  • Healthy skin: Skin may be affected by frostbite and blisters. Proper water levels in the body prevent the body from experiencing dehydration. This in turn maintains the turgidity of the skin. Drinking adequate water can prevent a number of skin diseases.
  • Kidney functions: The excretory material in the form of urea is highly toxic to body tissues and must be diluted before their passage. This can be done by consuming adequate amounts of water.
  • Weight loss: Many people would like to lose weight through dietary and lifestyle changes. Drinking enough safe clean water can help. Water has no calories, no fat, no carbohydrates, no sugar. Therefore, it is recommended as part of safe, sensible weight loss regimes.
  • Emotional outlook: Water is said to be good for mental health which include helping people to be in a good mood. Sufficient intake of water is considered good for the body and a comfortable, healthy, energetic body is likely to have a positive effect on the mind and emotions as well.
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While this diet helps you stay healthy, it does not stop the need to see your doctor.

Health benefits of drinking water

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